Stepping out of the comfort zone

Leaving our comfort zones requires a push. Our brains are wired to not like change, and this can lead to getting stuck in a continuous repetitive loop of day-to-day activities, not trying new things. Or you may feel like me. I am rarely ever bored and happy with life. Yet I am a creature of habit, and am nearly always drawn to tasks and activities I know I will enjoy or I know I’m good at. There are so many benefits of stepping out of our comfortable bubbles every now and again. Initial stress is likely, but getting out of the zone not only broadens your horizons, but will increase your own focus and creativity. We are programmed to be afraid of failure. However, changing things up and enjoying or succeeding in your endeavor shows your brain there’s nothing to fear. Taking these risks, however small, will help you respond better to when life throws unexpected stress at you.

As a child, we are mostly reliant on a parental figure to push ourselves out of the comfort zone. At age 9, my Dad pushed me (an introverted ballet and gymnastics goer), into football, which at the time I was not a happy bunny about at all. Now, I realise it was probably one of the best things he did for me. The power of team sport, especially football, is immense. As a young adult, it is now up to me to create new chances for myself, as it is all at my fingertips if I make the effort. Self-motivation is hard!! Especially when you’re stuck in a cycle of doing the same things. Opportunities at university are extensive. I am part of a fab football club, yet I’ve always done that and it wasn’t a question if I would continue to play at uni. Being a sporty and social individual is a huge part of me, but I want to push the creative and artistic side of me that I often disregard. Since school, I’ve always wished I was a mathsy person, or good at science, always thinking about how much more useful it would be. I mean, it is arguably is…But I want to embrace and challenge my arty brain more! I draw and paint when I can. I love to write, but I never share it. Since starting uni I’ve pondered on the idea of doing a food blog, or writing articles for a uni society, but I just never motivated myself to go for it. For me, writing this and putting it up for the world to see is a huge step out of my own bubble. I have so many topics I want to learn more about, varying from fitness, veganism, feminism, the environment and mental health, to travelling, sport, music and art. I want to explore these topics further, and write about university life in general, to hopefully push my rambles to create something vaguely interesting to read on this blog! I want to stretch myself and connect with people, and hopefully this will encourage others to take that step to leave their comfort zone, whatever that may be.

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